Nigerians civil service union women committee

The Nigerians civil service union women committee is an affiliate of Nigeria Civil Service Union in Nigeria. A union that was founded in 1912 to fight for and to protect the interest and rights of the civil workers.

The union is a powerful platform to force and to compelled the Government to listened and to Provides good working and enabling environment for the members. The Nigerian civll service union women committee and was created under the same law that guided the main body, and the motive behind it, is to encourage the women participation, awareness, empowerment and motivation in the society, and these could only be actualized by bringing together women under the umbreller of a well recognised union.

The strength of Nigeria civil service union women committee is that the union is established and fully represented in all 36 states of Nigeria including Abuja as Federal council chapter. The Federal council chapter of Nigeria civil service is well organised and maintained the quality of giving back to the society out of fund contributed by their membes as a monthly rebate. The Nigerian civil service union women committees is a non Governmental associations which beloved in promoting skills innovative and acquisitions for youth and women at large. The union supports the young and old who are still willing to acquire vocational skills by training and provides support to them financially.

This would reduce drastically act of Afrcans leaving their countries to developed countries in seeking for white collar jobs. The association encourage vocational learning like, Tailoring, Hairdressing, Barbing, Shoe and Bag Making, Computer Training and Appreciation, Soap Marking, Rooms and Air freshening liquid making. The association always partners with companies in the country's to ensure the standards and authenticity of training so as to enabling the productivity of beneficiaries.

The Nigerian civil service union women committee was commissioned in year 2006 under the pioneer Chairperson Comr. Emirly Emilogu, Viced by Comr. Ducas Tabita others exco. The second Chairperson is comr. Lucky Duruoa viced by Comr.Ayobami Adeogun Ganiyat and comr. Chioma Agboola and comr. Jumai Innocent as secretary and assistant secretary respectively In year 2011. In year 2015 the exco wss re-elected to their various position, except the secretary who renance her position, that lead to the emergence of comr. Fransisca Modupe Ojamiren. The executives whose ruled for good four years. The New executives were elected in june 18th 2019 and comrade Adeogun Ayobami Ganiyat emerged as the Nee chairperson of the women committee, with Comr, Comr. Jumai innocent as vice chairperson , Comr. Fransisca Ojamiren secretary and Comr. Oyinye Grace Wamiko as assistant secretary.